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Flower arranging is not only about choosing the right flowers. You also need to select the perfect foliage for your floral display. Yes, there are some bouquets that look better without foliage but, for the most part, at least some greenery needs to be added. If you are trying to figure out what kind of foliage to add, here are some helpful hints.

More than one

Instead of selecting a single type of foliage, you should add two or three. The more types of foliage you use, the fewer stems of each type will be needed. It will also give your bouquet a natural appearance while adding a variety of texture and different shades of green.

Popular types of foliage

Some of the most popular types of greenery include ferns, beargrass, eucalyptus and banana leaves. If you are not sure what type will suit your bouquet, take a look at the leaves attached to the stems of your flowers. Look for foliage that resembles these leaves or totally stands out.

All Green

Some occasions call for all-foliage bouquets. Consider this when you are selecting bouquets for your bridesmaids for instance. The right shades of green are all you need to create an impressive bouquet. Make sure that you use several types of greenery so that the bouquets are bursting with texture and colour. If you like, you can add a green flower here and there for good measure. It will spruce things up while maintaining the green colour scheme.

Base or filler

The main role of any type of foliage is to create a base or backdrop and even fill those empty spaces in between. Larger leaves are popular for backgrounds of vertical displays. Broad leaves make an excellent base for round or handheld bouquets. Vines look amazing in horizontal table centrepieces while thin or small leaves give the display a fuller appearance.

Foliage can be just as seasonal as flowers. If you are ever unsure, make sure that you ask your florist for their professional advice and suggestions on the ideal greenery for your arrangements.

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