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Avalanche Roses have only recently become popular but it didn’t take long for them to gain plenty of fame and attention. Today, these flowers are used in a wide variety of arrangements including bridal bouquets and centrepieces.

For all occasions

Avalanche Roses are an excellent choice for many occasions. These include birthday bouquets, Mother’s Day gifts, anniversary arrangements, wedding blooms and funeral or sympathy flowers too.

What do they look like?

This rose variety is known for its sturdy stem and large flower head. Their long stems make them an excellent choice for tall arrangements. They are also known to last long which is another reason why they are so popular. When you need to send or create a luxury bouquet, this particular rose will certainly add elegance.


While some roses are known for their particularly high price tags, Avalanche Roses help keep costs as low as possible. Not only is this due to the price per stem, but also the fact that you only need a few of these blooms to create an amazing effect. The fewer stems you need, the less you will spend at the end of the day. Avalanche Roses are also called the Queen of Roses because of their large and opulent appearance. Even as a bud flower arrangement, this rose will have an amazing impact.

Colour choices

White is the most popular colour when it comes to Avalanche Roses but they are available in several other colours too. The white variety is great for weddings and sympathy flower arrangements.

Candy: Hot pink centre with pastel inner petals and creamy-white outer petals.

Emerald: Emerald green splashes across the blooms, this variety is very rare.

Peach: Pale orange in colour with a darker centre.

Pearl: A combination of peach, pink and pale green colours.

Sweet: Soft pastel pink.

Sorbet: Soft pastel colour with the centre of the flower a vibrant shade of pink.

No matter the type of Avalanche Roses you choose for your bouquet, you can be certain that they will have an amazing impact on their surroundings. If you plan on sending a flower arrangement to a friend or loved one, you will never go wrong with these luxurious blooms.

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