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Common rose diseases
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Roses are some of the most forgiving of plants. If you have little gardening experience, they are one of the easiest to grow. They do have a few natural enemies, however, and disease can cause a once healthy plant to deteriorate fast. Here are some of the most common rose diseases and pests to look out for,


Powdery mildew usually occurs during the summer months. When the days are warm and dry followed by cool and wet nights, conditions are perfect for mildew. This dusty substance will be found on the leaves and flowers. The leaves will start to curl and you will notice spots all over the plant. Prevent this from occurring by watering your roses first thing in the morning and at ground level. You can also use a fungicide spray to prevent mildew.

Black spot

This is a very common disease that usually occurs during warm and humid weather. This disease is waterborne and is spread through irrigation. You will notice scattered dark spots. These spots have a circular shape and occur on the tops of the leaves. It usually affects the base of the bush first and you will notice the leaves turning yellow. The best form of prevention is to select roses that have been bred to resist this disease.


As the name suggests, this disease takes the form of orange spots that affect the underside of the leaves. The leaves may eventually fall off. Fungicide will prevent the spread of this disease. Rose plants should always have plenty of space between them to prevent the spread of this disease.

Mosaic virus

The first sign of this disease is yellow mottling on the leaves. The leaves will fall and the plant will die. Unfortunately, the disease cannot be cured. If you notice one of your plants it affected, you should remove and dispose of it immediately.


These tiny bugs can cause quite a bit of trouble for your roses. Remove them with a strong stream of water. You can also use insecticidal soap if you prefer.

Rose slugs

These bugs destroy the leaves of your plant and they often hide on the underside of the leaves. You need to act fast before they completely consume the plant. They look like caterpillars and can be picked off or you can use insecticidal soap.

Leaf cutters

You will notice circular holes in the leaves. They often build nests too. These insects will not kill the plant but they will make it rather unattractive. On the plus side, they help with pollination and they will not harm your plant so it’s best to let them be.

Spider mites

If you notice small white dots on the leaves and the leaves start turning yellow, you should check for spider mites. They are tiny insects but they can cause plenty of damage. Check under the leaves and you might notice some webbing on the stems. Get rid of them with insecticidal soap or neem oil.

Japanese beetles

These bugs can cause substantial damage. They are easy to spot and you will need to use a good pesticide to get rid of them. You can also use beetle traps and remove them by hand.

With these tips in mind, you will keep your roses happy, healthy and beautiful. The better you take care of your roses, the more they will thrive and the more blooms they will produce.

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