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Garden party themed birthdays
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If you want to make a loved one’s birthday a memorable event, then why not give it a colourful garden party theme? Worried about setting up outside only to have the weather ruin your plans? Not to worry, you can use these garden party ideas outside as well as indoors! Think of it as your way of bringing the outside in!


Subtle colours and textures are ideal if you are trying to create an elegant theme. Consider garden roses in light shades like white, off-white and light pinks or pale peachy colours. Paired with some dark greenery and light tablecloths make a superb display. If you have rustic furniture, it will make the theme even better.

Bold flowers and fruit

Pair bright blooms like orange and pink dahlias with fresh fruit such as juicy green grapes and small orange fruits like clementines or apricots. The fruit and flowers you choose will depend on availability of course. The green grapes will take on the role of the foliage in the display and several large bunches can be arranged along the table. Make sure that all fruit is washed thoroughly just in case your guests cannot resist and simply must nibble!


For something a bit more on the modern side, you can use your finest crockery, cutlery and glassware. Flowers in ivory and blush colours are all excellent. Select at least three different types of foliage to create the perfect base for your flower displays. Add metallic accents in the form of decorative goblets to add some contrast.

When planning your garden party-themed lunch, you might want to send out special invitations to all of your guests. Make sure that you have chosen a colour scheme and theme for the event so that your invitations can reflect this too. Have your flowers delivered the day before and make sure that they receive plenty of water so that they stay nice and fresh during the entire event. You can even set up your table the night before so that you have less to worry about on the day.

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