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Creating the perfect Easter centrepiece
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Easter flower arrangement

Easter is not far away and it’s always a good idea to prepare in advance. With all the cooking, cleaning and other chores that await, planning ahead of time is essential. To brighten your Easter table, you can make a simple yet stylish Easter centrepiece.

You will need:

  • A selection of pink flowers (roses, chrysanthemums, or gerbera daisies)
  • A selection of green flowers (chrysanthemums, carnations, or hydrangeas)
  • 2 cube or cylindrical vases (one must fit inside the other)
  • Colourful vase filler of your choice


  • Start by preparing your vases. They need to be clean and dry before you place the smaller one inside the larger one.
  • Now fill the space between the vases with a colourful filler. You can use beads, jelly beans, or anything along these lines. Just make sure that you opt for pastel colours. Since you are using pink and green flowers, you should avoid using pink or green to fill the vase. Yellow is sunny colour that will brighten the arrangement and compliment your blooms nicely. If you apply layers of pink and yellow, this will work too.
  • Add fresh water and flower food to the smaller vase.
  • Trim your flowers so that their stems are the perfect length to suit the vase. Remove any extra leaves too.
  • Use larger flowers for a larger display and smaller blooms for a more compact centrepiece. It’s good to select at least two types of pink flowers and at least two types of green flowers. Start by arranging flower around the edge of the vase. Alternate between your different types of flowers and the two colours so that you don’t end up with any clusters.
  • Add another layer above and, again, be sure to alternate. Continue in this way until you fill all of the gaps.
  • Display and remember to top up and replace the vase water regularly to keep your blooms fresh.

While fresh flowers are the most popular choice, silk blooms are also popular for those who need to create their display or displays ahead of time. Remember to always choose quality silk flowers for best results.

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