Wedding Flowers
The right roses for your wedding
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Wedding roses

Roses are one of the most popular choices for all occasions – especially weddings. Not only are these flowers easy to recognise, but they are also available in several colours. Which makes it that much easier to choose flowers that suit your colour scheme. Of course, other than the colour, you will also need to choose the right type of rose for this special day. Here are some of the top options.

Hybrid Tea Rose

This is a true classic and it is the very picture of elegance. Whether standing alone or in a larger bouquet, these roses will always have an amazing impact on their environment. Hybrid Tea Roses have been popular since the 1860s and their shape is achieved by cultivating and growing them in greenhouses and by selecting different roses with the appropriate properties in order to capture the best of the best. These hybrids are 3 to 5 inches in width and the stem is long and slender. They have high centres and petals that resemble fine velvet. These roses are also relatively easy to afford so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank either.

Sweetheart Rose

These small blooms are just 2 to 3 inches wide and they are perfect for boutonnieres and to use in centrepieces. These are speciality roses which means that they tend to cost a bit more but they are well worth it. Since they are smaller, you will usually need more stems to give your bouquet that full appearance. You can even pair them with larger roses (like Hybrid Tea Roses) for an abundant look.

Spray Roses

These are even smaller than Sweetheart Roses and they are easy to identify since they have multiple flowers on a single stem. These roses vary in size from 3.5 to 5.5 inches. They are excellent filler flowers and they add fantastic texture and colour. While the price per stem might seem steep, it’s important to remember that you are actually getting several blooms for this price.

Garden Roses

Also known as Old-Fashioned Roses, these flowers are larger than the rest. These blooms were first cultivated back in the 14th century which is why they are called Old-Fashioned Roses. They have a more open appearance and a very natural shape. They are just like the varieties you would grow in your own garden – hence the name. It’s good to note that the price of this flower is fairly higher than that of other types of roses. You do not, however, need too many of these blooms to make a fantastic impression.

These are some of the top choices. Remember to always discuss your options with your florist when planning a wedding. They will be able to guide you in terms of style and budget.

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