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Potted plant care

Whether you grow plants indoors or out in your garden, there are always challenges that you’ll need to face. Each type of plant has its own preferences and needs. By understanding these needs, you can provide the best home for your plants and they will thrive.


Of all the potted plants out there, cacti are the easiest to care for because they don’t require as much attention as certain other plants. They need soil that drains very well. Thankfully, there are special potting mixes designed for cacti and this soil provides their roots with nourishment without soaking them. You should usually water every few days. The best way to check if your cactus needs water is by feeling the soil. Not just the top of the soil but rather about two to three inches inside the pot. You can also use special succulent food from time to time.

Juniper Bonsai

Of all the bonsai plants, junipers are the most popular. They do best when they are placed in direct sunlight. Like cacti, they do not like to have their roots saturated. The soil should be damp but not soaking wet. These plants also enjoy higher levels of humidity so feel free to mist regularly.

Money Tree

This is an interesting small tree that is associated with financial success and good fortune. This plant enjoys bright, indirect sunlight. They can also grow well in low light conditions. They also enjoy high-humidity which means that they do well in rooms like bathrooms.

Potted Daisies

Daisies are perfect for brightening up any room. If you want to keep your daisy plant happy, make sure that it gets plenty of light. The soil needs to be moist consistently. Water as soon as the top inch of the soil is dry. Trip the dying flowers to keep your plant looking its best.


These beautiful plants are known for their amazing scent and brilliant white blooms. The dark green foliage creates that perfect contrast. They enjoy warm, bright and sunny sport with plenty of fresh air. That said, they don’t like cold or hot draughts. The soil should be kept moist but take care not to overwater this plant. Cut off fading flowers to encourage more to grow.

With these helpful guidelines in mind, You can display plants throughout your home and get the most out of their natural beauty.

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