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Decorating your flat this spring
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Spring decor for your flat

For several reasons, many people choose to live in apartments or flats. These properties allow residents to live in the most desirable areas with all their basic needs met and they are significantly more affordable than larger properties like houses. One common concern when it comes to smaller properties is that of space and décor. If you want your flat to look its best, keep the following tips in mind.


An easy and effective visual trick that anyone can use is that which involves longer curtains. If you want to create the appearance of taller ceilings and a more spacious room, you can simply install ceiling to floor curtains. The colours you choose will depend on the colours in the room as well as the theme you want to create. Many people opt for lighter colours during the warmer months and darker shades in winter. Yes, you can change your curtains every few months. If you have at least two sets of curtains, it will make it that much easier to adapt according to the seasons and it will be easier to wash your curtains more regularly.


Rugs are excellent for adding colour and comfort without making significant changes to your décor. Remember, small rugs and those with dark colours or plenty of detail because they can make the room feel small. If you use a larger rug and opt for lighter, neutral tones, it will help open up the room and make it more spacious.

Glass versus wood tables

Wood and other solid materials block light and create the impression of taking up more space. Glass, on the other hand, is transparent which means that such furniture will create the impression that it’s far more spacious. The only thing you need to remember is to clean the glass regularly because this furniture tends to show up fingerprints and dust rather easily.


You might already know about the effect mirrors can have. By reflecting the opposite area of the room, it helps create the illusion of more space. A large mirror in an elegant frame could be just what an empty wall needs. Not only will it make the room appear larger, but it can also help reflect light and the mirror itself is a decorative piece.


Storage space is important in smaller homes. Make sure that you use every space wisely and keep as many of your belongings packed away as possible. The less you have on display, the more spacious the room will be and the more tidy too. Not to mention the fact that these surfaces will be easier to clean because there are less items to move.

Colour and nature

A touch of nature offers plenty of benefits. The right plants can help purify the air and the colour green is associated with stress relief and creativity. Remember to select each plant based on its needs. If you have a sunny spot, choose a plant that enjoys the sun, for example. Fresh flowers are also excellent for giving any room that splash of colour. Fresh flowers have a wonderful way of boosting the mood and encouraging happiness. Fresh flowers are not only gifts that you send for various occasions. More and more people are learning about the benefits of ordering flowers for themselves and keeping their homes warm, welcoming, and happy places.

If you are shopping for fresh flowers and you want to make sure that you get the best value for money as well as the most beautiful blooms, ask your florist about seasonal flowers. Spring seasonal flowers are the best option when you want to include nature’s finest beauty in your home during these mild months.

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