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Spring flowers

Each season welcomes a wonderful array of fresh flowers. Different types of plants enjoy different weather conditions and seasons. During the spring season, you will notice that your choices are even more abundant. Local florists have so many different options from which to choose that you might not know where to start. Below you will find some of the top spring flowers to brighten your home or send as gifts.


Freesias are bright and they have a superb citrus scent. They are excellent for brightening up any room and they will certainly give the air a fresher smell. If you want to plant them in your garden, you should choose a sunny spot. If you are displaying them in your home, you should always keep all cut flowers away from direct sunlight. Freesia is available in several colours including yellow, white, red, lavender, pink, and orange. They are some of the longest lasting flowers which makes them excellent for your budget if you plan on buying them from your florist.


Available in a wide variety of colours, tulips are popular during the spring months. Each colour is associated with its own unique meaning. For instance, red tulips are associated with love while white represents forgiveness. They are popular for many occasions including birthdays, romantic celebrations, and a mixed bouquet makes a lovely centerpiece for Easter. These plants enjoy full sunlight in your garden and well-drained soil. As cut flowers, they can droop. To prevent this, you can simply support the stems using plastic sleeves or you can wire the stems.


The beauty of these blooms is in their simple appearance. They are a classic choice for many occasions and they are the floral picture of spring. Many people initially think of flowers that have a yellow centre and white petals. However, there are many other types of daisies and plenty of colours. Different types of daisies are available in various colours and sizes too.


With white petals and bright yellow centres, it’s easy to see why daffodils are so popular around this time of year. Daffodils are the birth flower for the month of March. They are the symbol for faithfulness, luck, and prosperity.


These bulbs bloom in spring and they have a strong, sweet scent. Even if the bulb becomes dormant during the later months of the year, you can be sure that it will spring to life again so don’t discard it! These plants enjoy full sun and well-drained soil. When you present these flowers as gifts, it’s best to send a potted plant so that the beauty lasts that much longer.

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