How To Valentine's Day Flowers
Making your own Valentine’s bouquet
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How to arrange Valentine's Day flowers

Every year, you are bound to order at least one bouquet of fresh flowers. Flowers are an excellent gift for all occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. Your florist offers a number of options. You can order flower arrangements to suit a specific occasion or you can order several stems and work on arranging them yourself. Another option would be to cut flowers from your own garden if your flowering plants are in bloom.

No matter what you choose, you should always begin by imagining what your bouquet should look like when you are done. You need to have a design in mind so that you can shape the bouquet accordingly. Before you select your flowers and foliage, you will need to choose your vase. Different vases create different designs. The taller the vase, the longer the stems of the flowers need to be. The wider the vase, the more blooms you will need.

You can take your vase to your florist and ask them for their professional assistance in selecting the right blooms. It’s not only about choosing flowers that are tall enough to suit the vase, but also the right number of blooms and the right type or types of foliage too.

Once you have all of your foliage and flowers, they will need to be trimmed to suit the vase. The stems do not need to be equal in length. In fact, if you are creating a rounded arrangement you can leave the middle flowers taller. If your arrangement is to have a front and back, you should have taller flowers at the back and shorter ones in the front. Remember to trim one flower at a time and always trim it less than you think you need. You can always trim again but, if you cut them too short, you can’t go back.

The diameter of the vase will also influence your flower choices. The narrower the rim the fewer stems you can fit in the vase which is all the more reason to pick and choose your blooms carefully. Do not force too many stems into the vase.

When you have all of these elements planned, you can get to the more creative elements like colour. Valentine’s Day is all about love and romance which is why red is such a popular colour for these arrangements. Some pink flowers like Stargazer Lilies can also be combined with red blooms and other pink flowers to create a truly impressive romantic bouquet. They might not seem like the traditional option but they will certainly prove impressive!

When assembling your bouquet, you need to choose a focal point. This is where your cluster of focal flowers should be placed. An uneven number of focal flowers is best. You can then add mass and filler flowers along with a touch of greenery here and there. Just make sure that each flower in this arrangement has enough space to show off its beauty.

Finally, don’t forget to add something personal to your flower arrangement. This can come in the form of a flower pick, a photo of you and your Valentine together, a card with a special message, or anything you know your loved one will fancy.

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