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Valentine’s Day with your gal pals
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Valentine's Day with friends

Do you and your girl friends want to celebrate Valentine’s Day a little differently this year? While all the couples out there get snug and cozy, it doesn’t mean that you have to feel sorry for yourself. Instead, why not host your very own Valentine’s Day celebration and invite your closest single lady friends? Not sure where to start planning, here are some tips.


Start by picking a location. If you have enough space at your place, then this might be your best bet because you won’t have to stick to any particular rules and it won’t cost nearly as much as going to a restaurant or spa. Plus, if you are at home, you won’t have to deal with all those smooching couples all around you.

Food and Beverages

It’s best to keep things simple as far as food and beverages are concerned. Consider what you and your friends have in common. Does everyone enjoy wine, for example? If so, you could serve some wine with carefully paired cheeses, fruit, and crackers. To satisfy that sweet tooth, it’s best to keep things bite size (more or less). Instead of buying or baking a large cake, opt for cupcakes instead. Cookies, muffins, scones, and similar sweet treats are all easy to serve and your guests can help themselves. There’s also far less waste when the portions are smaller. As for beverages, even if you do plan on a cheese and wine evening, you can also serve some bubbly and be sure to have some non-alcoholic beverages on hand in case. If any of your guests have another beverage preference, kindly ask them to bring something along for themselves so that you are not the only one contributing towards this fabulous event.


Set the scene with the right décor. Red, white, pink, and even gold are all great colours to use for your ladies only Valentine’s Day party. Ask your guests to dress accordingly. In other words, this is the perfect opportunity to wear that gorgeous red or pink dress you’ve been dying to show off! Flowers are excellent for Valentine’s Day décor. Red roses are the most romantic of all so, if you are trying to avoid such sentiments, you could opt for pink flowers instead. You don’t necessarily have to choose roses, of course. Your florist will be able to make some lovely seasonal flower suggestions. You can also order some yellow roses and present each of your friends with one yellow rose as they go home. Yellow roses are the symbol of friendship which makes them the perfect gift!

Activities or Entertainment

This really will depend on what you enjoy as a group. Just about anything goes including karaoke, spa treatments, a movie night, or a combination of these options. Since the weather will most likely be quite chilly, if not unpleasant, it’s all the more reason to enjoy indoor activities. You could even ask everyone to come with one idea of a fun game to play. Place the ideas in a hat and pick them randomly throughout the night to keep things interesting.


Once you have your event planned, it’s time to send out those invitations! In the invitation, you should specify the address, date, time, what they should wear, and if there’s anything you need your guests to bring along.

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