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Tulip meanings

Tulips are one of the most popular of all florist flowers. They have a unique appearance and they are wonderfully versatile too. They can be enjoyed all on their own or as part of a mixed bouquet. If you choose to display tulips all on their own, you can opt for a single colour or a combination of several colours.

Just like any other type of flower, when you send tulips, it’s important to make sure that you know what message they will convey. In many cases, tulips are associated with love. They can also be associated with rebirth because they are the first flowers to bloom in the spring. The Victorians associated these flowers with charity and, of course, each colour had its own meaning too.

Pink tulips are the symbol of happiness and confidence. Yellow tulips represent cheerful thoughts while white tulips send a message of forgiveness. Purple tulips symbolise royalty and, of course, red tulips are associated with romance.

If you are celebrating your 11th wedding anniversary, you will be interested to know that tulips are associated with this year of marriage because of the fact that they represent love and devotion. There are more than 3000 varieties of tulips and, even more interesting is the fact that they are part of the same family as lilies and onions. If you are planning on growing your own tulips, you should plant them in the autumn. They will remain dormant throughout the winter and the plant will bloom in the early spring and throughout the summer.

If you are planning on displaying tulips in a vase, make sure that you take extra care since these flowers tend to be quite top heavy and may require some support in order to prevent premature wilting. The vase water needs to be changed regularly and usual flower care steps should be followed in order to keep your tulips fresher for longer.

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