Valentine's Day Flowers
Romance with rose petals
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Rose petals for romance

Roses are often associated with some form of love, affection, or appreciation. Red roses are the most popular flower for occasions like Valentine’s Day because they symbolise romance and passion. What some people don’t realise is that you can use roses as well as rose petals to set the mood for Valentine’s Day! Continue reading to find out how to put those petals to good use!


You can make your very own romantic trail from the door to any other room in the house. When your Valentine comes home, they will follow the rose petals to wherever they take them!


This idea is somewhat connected to the point mentioned above. The trail of petals often leads to a bed decorated with rose petals. You can scatter the roses on top or you can make a giant heart out of rose petals. Add some wrapped chocolates here and there, light those candles and get ready for romance!

Gift box

Instead of using tissue paper to conceal a gift inside a box, you can use rose petals! They make the unwrapping process that much more fun!

Table décor

Even if you add a bouquet of flowers to the table where you plan on enjoy your romantic dinner, you can still scatter a few petals here and there for extra colour.

Fragrant home

You can place some rose petals in some water and simmer them slowly. Allow the sweet scent to fill your home.


Add a rose petal or two to your glass of bubbly for some fun colour! Remember to always wash the petals off thoroughly before adding to your glass.


Add as a garnish to your dessert. Make sure that you choose organic rose petals if you plan on eating them or using them in your food. You can even decorate your salad with some fresh rose petals!

Ice cubes

If you enjoy adding ice to your drinks, you can make special rose petal ice cubes. Wash the petals thoroughly and add one to each section in the ice cube tray. Add water, freeze overnight and enjoy!

Soothing bath

Add some rose petals to some warm bath water. Scatter some petals around the top of the tub too. Add some candles, pour some bubbly and allow your Valentine to relax or soak it up together!

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