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Romantic plans for all weather
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Valentine's Day plans

During the colder months, it might seem like your venue choices are limited. A romantic Valentine’s Day picnic on the beach may leave you on the colder side of things. Which is why it’s important to make your plans according to the weather. Here are some great ways of spending your time together snug and warm while celebrating this romantic occasion.

A day at the spa

Depending on your work schedule, you could plan a relaxing and romantic day at the spa. There is nothing quite like enjoying a soothing massage together, perhaps a facial, and some aromatherapy. There is no greater bonding experience. Just be sure to turn off your phones so that you can take a real break from it all. If you are not able to enjoy a spa day on Valentine’s Day, you can always present your partner with the voucher and schedule your day together for a day on which you can both take the day off.

A trip down memory lane

Get a little sentimental and take your partner or spouse out to the place you first met, where you enjoyed your first date, where you proposed, or enjoyed any other meaningful experience together. Try to think about where you sat, what you ordered, and all the little details you can recall.

Last minute ideas

If you are scrambling for ideas at the last minute, you might find that all the best reservations at the top restaurants are taken. Not to worry, you can always opt for a later reservation if you don’t mind eating late. Alternatively, you could contact the restaurant of your choice and ask if they will be prepared to offer your meal to go. Then all you need to do is set your table at home, light some candles, and plate the food when you are ready to eat. You might need to reheat the food but at least you will have your favourite meal and the perfect table for two.

Fancy some travelling

This idea will depend on your budget and schedule. If you can take a couple of nights off and afford to enjoy a mini vacation, then a romantic weekend away is perfect! You can even travel to a warmer location so that you escape the cold of winter! In some cases, travelling will require a fair bit of planning in advance. There are, however, last minute deals that you can choose. Simply chat with your trusted travel consultant and they will be able to make the best recommendations.

Don’t forget that gift!

Last but certainly not least, you should never forget to present your partner with a romantic gift on Valentine’s Day. Even if you choose to cook for them yourself, you can still make them feel extra pampered by ordering some gorgeous Valentine’s Day flowers. Many florists offer extras like a bottle of bubbly, luxury chocolates, or stuffed animals to go with your romantic flower delivery. If you want to save more time and money, be sure to place your flower order online. Online florists are not only convenient, but they also offer fantastic value for money.

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