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Create an oval-shaped arrangement
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How to make an oval flower arrangement

Flower arrangements come in all shapes and styles. Some might be relatively conventional while others are more on the creative side. One of the most popular styles being oval designs. If you want to make your own oval-shaped flower arrangement, here are some easy steps to follow.

You need:

  • Flowers of your choice
  • Foliage to suit your flowers
  • Floral foam
  • Short vase
  • Floral tape


  • When selecting your vase, you should select one that is short and robust. You don’t have to use anything fancy. It just needs to be the right size. If you are unsure, you can always buy an oval vase which is specifically designed to create these types of designs.
  • Cut the foam to the right size and make sure that you allow some space for the foam to expand slightly.
  • Soak your floral foam in fresh water with flower preserve.
  • Now use floral tape to secure the foam to the vase. Use transparent tape so that it’s not visible.
  • The best flowers and foliage to use for the background of your arrangement are those with spiked appearance. Keep in mind that the beauty of this arrangement is in its shape and height. So, trim your stems accordingly.
  • Two to four tall flower stems will usually do the trick. Then you can add foliage like ferns.
  • Light-coloured flowers and greenery can be used to create the oval shape.
  • Your focal flowers need to be placed in the middle of the arrangement. These flowers should be large or medium-sized. Cluster them together to create that important focal point.
  • Add smaller flowers and let the colour fade out. For example, if you use purple as your colour scheme, your dark purple flowers should be in the middle with lighter and lighter purple flowers arranged until you reach the edge.
  • Now add some foliage in between to fill up any gaps.
  • Display on a table where the arrangement can be placed so that it is facing outwards. This arrangement does have a front and a back which means that it needs to be seen from the right angle.

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