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Making a New Year’s Floral Crown
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Flower crown for New Year's

Floral crowns are popular for many occasions. If you want to embrace floral beauty as you welcome the New Year, you can make your very own special crown for this occasion. You will only need a few supplies in order to look fabulous.

You need:

  • Flowers of your choice
  • Foliage with flexible stems
  • Floral wire
  • A sharp pair of scissors or knife


  • You will need to choose a colour scheme to start with. It’s good to use your outfit as a guideline and the New Year’s theme.
  • When choosing the type of flower, make sure that you select blooms that flatter and will offer better coverage, like carnations or daisies. You can add other blooms like roses in between as well.
  • Measure the floral wire against your head and make sure that you make it a bit larger. When you attach the flowers and foliage, it will automatically reduce the size of the crown.
  • Start by securing the two ends of the wire before adding foliage. The foliage needs to have flexible stems so that it can wrap around the wire and secure them in place.
  • Trim the flower stems to about two or three inches.
  • Trim some sprigs of greenery too. They should be the same length as the flowers.
  • Use floral wire to give your flowers and foliage sprigs flexible stems and to make it easy to secure them to the crown frame.
  • Secure your flowers and foliage sprigs to the wire crown frame and make sure that they are properly secured. The ends of the wire should be facing out rather than in. You don’t want them to poke you.
  • You can either cover the entire crown or space your flowers out if you want to keep it as green as possible.
  • Add extra greenery if and when needed.
  • You can add other accessories if you like. Think about adding a Happy New Year pick or something else with glitter and glam.

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