Christmas Flowers
Vertical flower displays for Christmas
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Vertical flower arrangements for Christmas

Christmas blooms are not only for decorating your dinner or lunch table. If you really want to make the most of the festive season, why not embrace nature’s beauty by ordering fresh flowers for various rooms in your home. Now, many people will agree that shops are very busy around this time of year but this is what makes online flower shopping so much easier! You get the flowers you want without having to stand in line or deal with busy shops.

One of the best places to display Christmas flowers is your entrance hall. This room is usually fairly small and does not particularly lend itself to elaborate décor. If you have a table in your entrance hall, you can order a flower arrangement to place on this table. Make sure that it is a small display so that you don’t completely crowd the table. You can even add a bowl of sweets to the table to make your guests feel extra welcome.

You can also display a vertical flower arrangement in your living room. Since your Christmas tree is most likely either already on display or will be displayed in your living room, you don’t want your flowers to outshine it. You also don’t want to take up too much space since the tree will do that for you already.

If your kitchen is particularly difficult to decorate, you don’t have to forego flowers altogether. Instead of your usual vase, you could opt for a triangular-shaped arrangement supported by floral foam.

Since Christmas only comes around once each year, it’s good to make the most of these festive few weeks. Nothing will brighten up your home more than the right flowers. Be sure to keep them fresh by trimming the stems regularly and replacing the vase water every few days.

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