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Where to display your Christmas wreaths
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Christmas wreaths

As far as Christmas decorations are concerned, wreaths are one of the most popular. Wreaths come in a variety of sizes and they can be decorated in many different ways. Just think about the way you decorate your Christmas tree and how your loved ones decorate theirs. Various decorations and colour schemes make each one unique. The same is true for wreaths.

While your Christmas tree usually has a spot in your living room, wreaths are far more versatile than many people think. Traditionally, wreaths are used to decorate the entry to a home. We see wreaths hung on the outside of the front door as part of the holiday décor found both outside and inside the home.

Smaller wreaths can be hung in various places around the home. Your entrance hall is one such example as well as the doors on your bedrooms and the walls of your hallways. You could even personalise each wreath hanging on bedroom doors. You can add names or photos of each of your family members to the wreath hanging from their door.

Small wreaths can also be used as centrepieces if you prefer. They are either displayed on their own or a candle can be added to the middle both for extra décor and light. Years ago, real candles were the only choice. Today, however, we also have the option of using LED candles. These candles last longer and we don’t have to worry about the open flame either.

If you have a lamp with a fairly slim base, you can place the lamp in the middle of a small wreath. This has a similar effect as a candle in the middle but this display is best for side tables like those in your living room.

Finally, much like hanging wreaths from doors, you can also hang them from your windows. Remember, if you use fresh festive foliage, you will not only be making your home look amazing, but it will have that true Christmas smell as well.

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