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Black roses for Halloween
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Black is one of the most popular colours associated with Halloween and many families enjoy decorating their homes for this occasion. Black flowers like black roses are in high demand but they are not necessarily easy to find.

When you search for black flowers online, you will notice that a number of images will come up. While some flowers, including certain roses, may appear black at first glance, the fact of the matter is that they are actually very dark red or purple. When you take a very close look or shine a light under the petals, the true colour will become evident.

So, how do you get your hands on black roses for Halloween if they don’t grow naturally? Firstly, you could opt for the very dark (almost black) roses if you like. If the room is dimly lit, they will certainly pass for black. You should avoid placing any black accessories nearby or it will make the colour difference noticeable. Instead, add white or orange accessories or flowers to the arrangement.

Alternatively, you could shop for artificial black roses. These will be far easier to come by than very dark varieties. It is worth noting that silk flowers vary in quality and price. If you plan on using these black roses for several years, you should invest in quality flowers rather than the cheaper options.

Remember, just because you choose silk black roses, this doesn’t mean that you cannot pair them with other fresh blooms. For example, you can pair high-quality black silk roses with fresh orange roses for an amazing contrast. There are also other flowers that can work well to complement your black roses. Just ask your florist for their favourite spooky suggestions.

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