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Most important flower arrangement guidelines
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When creating an arrangement of fresh flowers in a container or vase, it’s very important to make sure that you understand some basic principals. With these guidelines, you can improve the appearance of the flower display and make it look truly amazing. When you watch an expert arrange flowers, it may appear as though they are simply placing each stem randomly in the vase. The truth is that their speed is a reflection of their expertise and each flower is arranged with care.

Apart from fresh flowers and greenery, it’s also good to consider adding accents to the bouquet. These accents come in all shapes and sizes. They help add colour, texture, and they also give your bouquet a theme if you are celebrating a specific occasion. The key is to add just a few accessories. If you add too many, you will no longer allow your flowers to shine.

Every arrangement requires a sense of harmony. This means that you need to create balance. This is done by selecting the right colours, textures, and materials. It’s not enough that they are beautiful individually, but they also need to work well together.

You will also need to consider the shape of the arrangement. Some of the top choices include vertical, horizontal, oval, symmetrical or asymmetrical. The shape you choose will also determine the size of the arrangement.

When it comes to choosing your flowers, you want to make sure that they all play a role in the display. For example, larger flowers are best used as focal flowers while smaller flowers can be used as mass flowers. The smallest flowers are great as fillers and your foliage will also help fill any gaps.

You also want to try to create a sense of motion within the arrangement. In other words, you want the focal flowers to be the attention grabbers. The surrounding flowers should attract the eyes outwards so that you do not focus only on the blooms in the centre.

Last, but certainly not least, you should also remember the important role of the vase or container you choose. You need to make sure that the size and shape of the vase suits the arrangement and the size of the flowers. Taller stems require taller vases.

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