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Many of us spend more hours at work than we do at home. This is why it’s so important to make your work environment as pleasant as possible. When you spend hours each day faced with little more than a computer screen and a mountain of paperwork, it can easily become monotonous. Such dull surroundings take their toll on your mental and emotional state. The good news is that there are steps you can take to spruce up your working environment and make it more pleasant. Plants and flowers are excellent for brightening up the room and change your mood.

Potted plants are great if you have the time to tend to them on a regular basis. If you are often too busy or you are likely to forget to water and care for your plants, then you should consider your options. You could still get a plant but make sure that it’s one that does not require too much care. Cacti and succulents are the easiest to care for because they do not need to be pruned, watered often, or re-potted every few months. Another option, if you want to avoid any and all plant care, is to order fresh flowers. Fresh flower arrangements add instant colour to the room and you don’t have to worry about regular care. As soon as the flowers start to perish, you can order a new bouquet to replace them.

Flowers and plants have an excellent effect on your mood. According to various studies, both men and women can benefit from natural décor. Flowers and plants can help with relaxation as well as stimulate creativity and help with focus. The smell of fresh flowers also helps to make your office feel more inviting and less dull. In men, we tend to see an increase in the number of ideas produced. In women, there is increased flexibility in their problem solving.

Flowers are also known to help with depression. From the moment the flowers arrive or are put on display, they begin to have an effect on your mood. By making your workplace more pleasant, you can be sure that your employees will also be more productive. Happy workers are more productive which is all the more reason to make the workplace as pleasant as possible.

If you are a manager or company owner, you can set up regular fresh flower deliveries. It’s not only about keeping your employees happy, but you can also make your clients more comfortable by displaying bouquets in your waiting area.

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