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The origins of wedding traditions
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Wedding traditions

There are plenty of traditions that we follow throughout every year. We celebrate birthdays, the arrival of new babies, anniversaries, and other occasions. Each occasion comes with its own traditions and weddings are no exception. Here’s some insight into why we follow certain wedding day traditions.

While the flowers that decorate the ceremony are bound to be breathtaking, it’s the bride who will steal the show. Before the bride makes her way down the isle, her flowergirl will lead the way. According to various sources, the flowergirl is a symbol of the bride making her way from childhood to maturity by making the important decision of marriage. Of course, she will do this is the most graceful possible way by either holding her own little bouquet and the cutest smile, or she could even scatter flower petals along the way.

If the flowergirl scatters red flower petals (like red rose petals) along the way, this is another way of symbolising the transition from being a girl to a woman. It’s also a symbol of fertility which means that it also represents the bride’s journey into motherhood one day.

Corsages and bouquets were usually made from pleasant-smelling herbs. Centuries ago, bathing habits were not what they are today and they used these mini arrangements to mask any unpleasant smells. They were also believed to keep evil spirits away which is certainly something every newly wed couple wants to do.

The bouquet toss is another popular tradition and women around the world can all remember at least one moment when they caught or almost caught those flying blooms. This is said to be the bride’s way of passing on her good luck to one of the single ladies in attendance.

Then there is the something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Something old is to help you hold onto your history and who you are. Something new is to create optimism about the future. Something borrowed is for borrowing happiness. As for something blue, this was the colour associated with purity before white bumped it for top spot. No matter how you feel about traditions, this is a particularly fun one for all brides to enjoy!

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