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Can you mix silk and fresh flowers?
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Combining silk and fresh flowers

Some people think that fresh flowers and silk flowers should always be used separately to create floral displays. This is not always the case and you can combine the two if you want to create something unique and memorable.

One of the main advantages of adding silk flowers to a fresh flower arrangement is the fact that you can use any blooms you like. In other words, when you are creating an arrangement and you find out that there are some flowers that are not available, you can use silk blooms.

Silk flowers can also be used if you want to add blooms that are known for being especially delicate. Some flowers are tricky to handle which is why so many people prefer the artificial varieties. You get to enjoy their beauty without worrying about bruising or damaging them.

When mixing fresh and silk blooms, it’s important to make sure that you choose the very highest quality artificial flowers. Since you are placing them among the real thing, you want to make sure that they don’t stick out for all the wrong reasons.

The fresh flowers you choose should not have too much pollen or they could stain the silk flowers. Sometimes you can remove the pollen from the flowers which means that you don’t have to compromise.

After using your silk blooms in a fresh arrangement, you should take some time to clean your silk flowers before packing them away. Wipe down the stems thoroughly and check the petals for dust. Make sure that your flowers are clean and dry before you store them in an airtight container.

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