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Fun ways to decorate with sunflowers
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Decorate with sunflowers

Sunflowers are large, bright, and they will have a dramatic effect on any room. If you want to add sunflowers to your home décor, you will be pleased to know that such arrangements are extremely versatile and you can decorate according to your budget and the amount of space you have available.

For something with an antique twist, you can use several small vases and place a single sunflower stem in each one. Line these up along the centre of your rectangular-shaped table and you’re all set! You can also add sunflower accents to each place setting if you like. For example, you can make your own sunflower place mats. Here’s how:

You will need:

  • Large pieces of cardboard
  • A collection of leaves (the same shape as sunflower petals)
  • Glue
  • Brown paint
  • Yellow paint
  • A round place mat or similar item to trace the shape of the place mat
  • Sharp scissors


  • Start by tracing a large circle onto the cardboard.
  • Cut the circle out.
  • Paint the cardboard brown on the one side and allow to dry.
  • Paint your leaves yellow and allow to dry.
  • Turn your cardboard upside down and stick a row of leaves around the edge.
  • Then stick another row around the circular-shaped cardboard and make sure that they overlap the first leaves to resemble a sunflower.
  • Allow the glue to dry before flipping over and using as a place mat.
  • Do this as many times as needed for as many place settings as you like.

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