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Flowers to congratulate a graduate
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Flowers for a graduate

Is somebody you love graduating this year? Do you want to present them with the perfect gift to mark this major milestone? Well, the first thing you need to consider is a suitable bouquet of flowers. Fresh flowers are the foundation of a celebration just as their education will be the foundation for their new life. So, when picking graduation blooms, keep the following in mind.

You may want to present something modest at the ceremony and something more elaborate at the party afterwards. Even if you have a small celebration at home with the family, you can still spruce it up and make it memorable with the perfect floral gift. Of course, you don’t want to hand over a huge gift to your graduate while you are at the ceremony. They will most likely be running around, talking to their friends, and taking photos. They will not be able to carry a big bunch of flowers everywhere they go. So, keep it simple with something like a single perfect flower at the graduation and let them know that they have some surprises waiting at home.

Now, before your graduate rejoins their friends for a celebration with their peers, you can make the most of this day by enjoying lunch or at least tea together. Have some of the graduate’s favourite foods all ready and now is when you can present that more elaborate flower arrangement. If you are wondering what sort of flowers to choose or a theme for the bouquet, there are plenty of options.

You could have your florist create a graduation cap centrepiece. This is basically a bouquet displayed inside an upside down graduation cap. This is one way of getting the message across for sure! Another option is to have them create a bouquet in the school colours. Even if you cannot find flowers in all of the colours you need, remember that you can always add accents and accessories too.

If you want something simple yet beautiful, just take a look around at your online florist’s collection of congratulations flowers. These are bright and will certainly stand out. Florists also offer extra gift options like balloons, chocolates, and more! So, take some time to consider adding something extra to your fresh flower order. Also, since you cannot always be sure exactly what time your flower delivery will arrive, it is best to have the delivery made the day before. Store the flowers in a cool place and out of the direct sun. Keep it in fresh water until the time comes to present the flowers to your graduate.

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