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How to make cut gerbera daisies last longer
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Gerbera Daisy care

When you buy fresh gerbera daisies from your favourite florist, you will love the way their petals open up and show off that amazing beauty. Unfortunately, if these cut flowers are not properly cared for, they will perish sooner than they should. To get the most out of your gerberas, here are some essential care tips to follow:

Step 1:

When you receive the flower delivery, make sure that you place them in some room temperature water right away. This is to allow the blooms to take a nice drink of water and prevent them from dehydrating.

Step 2:

While your flowers are resting in some fresh water, you can get the vase ready. Take the time to wash and rinse the vase thoroughly before adding some lukewarm water and flower food.

Step 3:

Trim the ends of the stems with a sharp knife or pair of scissors. The cutting tool needs to be sharp so that you don’t end up crushing the stems when trimming them. Cut each stem at an angle to increase the surface area for water absorption.

Step 4:

One common complaint regarding gerberas is the fact that they tend to bend like tulips. This is because the flower itself is so large and it becomes too heavy for the stem. To prevent this, you need only reinforce them with something like a straw, kebab stick, or floral wire.

Step 5:

Take the time to remove any leaves located lower on the stem. If these leaves are covered by the vase water, it will encourage bacterial growth and this causes your flowers to perish prematurely.

Step 6:

Place the gerbera daisies in the vase with fresh water and flower food. Keep the vase out of direct sunlight, wind, heat sources, and air conditioners.

Step 7:

Don’t forget to check your bouquet every day. Change the water every three days (at least) and add more flower food to the fresh water. Check the stems for slimy bacterial growth and trim when necessary. Remove any wilting flowers or foliage from your bouquet to prevent the dying flowers from causing the surrounding blooms to perish along with them.

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