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Make your own rose and lily bouquet
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How to make a rose and lily bouquet

Red and white are two colours that look lovely together. Similarly, roses and lilies also look beautiful when paired together in the same bouquet. Whether you want to decorate a room in your home, spoil somebody special, or make your own bridal bouquet, you will love learning just how easy it is to make this elegant bouquet. You will need just a few flowers and a few minutes to achieve floral perfection.

Things you need:

  • 12 roses (red)

  • 6 mini calla lilies (white)

  • 3 camelia leaf sprigs

  • A few rubber bands

  • Silk ribbon of your choice and a couple of decorative pins (if making a handheld bouquet)


  • Begin by choosing your flowers and foliage. You should use flowers that are partially opened. Tightly closed flowers might not open and fully opened flowers will perish sooner rather than later. The foliage you use should be undamaged so check every leaf for brown spots or other signs of damage.

  • Hold a mini calla lily in your left hand. This lily will be the centre of the bouquet so keep this in mind.

  • Add the rest of the flowers to the bouquet. Start by arranging four red roses around the central lily.

  • Now add five lilies around the roses and make sure that they are evenly spaced apart.

  • Finally, add the rest of the roses around the bouquet and make sure that they are also evenly spaced apart.

  • Complete your bouquet with the camelia leaves. They should surround the base of the bouquet and they should be evenly spaced apart so that they create a kind of triangular shape.

  • Secure all of the stems together with your rubber bands.

  • Trim all of the stems to the same length.

  • If you want to make a bridal bouquet, you can now wrap the ribbon around the stems from top to bottom. Use a decorative pin to secure the ribbon to the top of the stems and the second on to secure the lower part of the ribbon.

  • If you want to present this bouquet as a gift, you can simply wrap a decorative ribbon around the bouquet to conceal the rubber bands.

  • Keep the flowers in some fresh water until you plan on using them. This will ensure maximum freshness and extend the life of the flowers.

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