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Uses for lilies

Like so many other types of florist flowers, lilies have more to offer than just their beauty. While they do look stunning in your garden or in a vase, these popular wedding flowers also hold a number of amazing secrets. So, the next time you enjoy a lovely lily bouquet, just think about these interesting uses for this elegant flower.

Lily plants can pretty much be used in their entirety for cooking purposes. Something called “golden needles” is a popular product in Asia and it is made up of dried lily buds. They have a kind of musky taste that enhances many dishes. The sweet petals are also used as stuffing or in desserts. The stems, on the other hand, are apparently similar to zucchini or asparagus. As for the bulbs, these are often used in the same way as we do potatoes and various root vegetables. They are somewhat sweet and Tiger Lily plants are specifically cultivated for their delicious bulbs.

Lilies also have medicinal uses. The Madonna Lily is known to treat such conditions as inflammation, skin ulcers, rashes, burns, and even corns on your feet. Tiger Lilies are used to treat sore throats, coughs, chest pains, and boils. They are believed to contain anti-inflammatory as well as diuretic properties. Lilium Brownii is known to possess several properties associated with the treatment of a number of conditions ranging from coughs and intestinal issues to anxiety.

According to Native American history, there is a strong familiarity with the White Trout Lily. Skin inflammation, wounds, and ulcers are treated with the bulb of this plant. It is also used to treat lymph glands and throats that have become infected with scrofula. External use of this particular lily is strongly advised. Native Americans are known for consuming the bulb but this is not recommended for those who have little to no experience using this plant. The preparation process is extremely delicate and, if not properly prepared, it can have undesirable effects. The Wood Lily roots were popular among natives for treating stomach problems, fever, and coughs. A tea is made from the lily to clean out wounds and cuts. This helped them heal faster and reduced the chances of infection.

Lilies are also known for their sweet smell. Which is why they are used to make essential oils. The uses for each type of oil will depend on the type of lily used. These lily oils can be used on their own or blended with other oils in order to create an even sweeter fragrance and enhance its effects.

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