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Growing flower bulbs in container gardens
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How to grow flower bulbs

While many gardeners enjoy planting flowers and plants that have your average root system, it’s important not to forget about bulbs. Bulbs are so easy to plant and the flowers that they produce are some of the most colourful and impressive of all! If you have never grown plants or flowers from bulbs, here are some great tips to help you get started. Once you see the first blooms, you will wonder why you never tried before!

Bulbs are larger than seeds and they are also in a dry or dormant stage. All that growth energy is stored inside and waiting to be nurtured so that a gorgeous plant can reveal itself. Many people prefer to plant bulbs in containers. It’s great for monitoring them closely, protecting them from potential harm and you can move the pot around as needed too. For example, if the weather changes suddenly or if you want less sun for your plant, you can simply move the pot or container.

When choosing your bulbs, make sure that you understand the needs of the plant and that you will be able to offer them all of their needs in order to flourish. If, for example, the plant prefers shade, you should not place it in a sunny area. Your bulbs should be plump and firm. Avoid squishy bulbs since they have decayed inside and will not grow.

Bulbs are best planted as soon as you buy them. Planting is best done during a cooler time of day and when the ground is cool. Early morning is ideal but remember, you don’t want the ground to be frozen either! Make sure that you use the right soil to allow for rapid growth. Place the bulbs right side up so that the end from which the stem grows is facing up. Place them deep enough or else the plant will not have a sufficient anchor and, as it grows, it will become unstable.

Finally, water regularly and ensure that the pot offers proper drainage so that your bulbs don’t become soaked. They need water but they don’t need to swim in it! Be patient and soon your bulbs will sprout green shoots and you’ll be able to enjoy some of the most amazing fresh flowers!

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