Mother's Day Flowers
Mother’s Day flower arranging advice
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Mother's day flower arranging

The closer we get to Mother’s Day, the more stressed we become about finding the perfect flowers. Although we often know that this important day is just around the corner, our busy lives can often derail our shopping plans. This is why it’s always a good idea to make sure that you have a few tricks up your sleeve – such as these flower arranging tricks.

Firstly, even if you aren’t shopping right now, you should have a rough idea of the amount you are able to spend. You probably don’t want to go too cheap but you probably have a maximum amount which you can afford to spend. So, when you need to save money, there are a few tricks. One of which being to arrange mum’s bouquet in one of your vases. So, instead of buying a vase, you can give her one of yours.Just make sure that it’s not damaged and does not look old. Another alternative is to buy some floral foam and arrange your flowers in a basket. Baskets are significantly cheaper than vases so you will save quite a bit.

When it comes to the flowers, you should keep the season in mind. Take a look around for seasonal flowers since they are usually the most affordable of all. Many types of flowers are available throughout the year but, depending on how they are grown or if they are imported, the prices will vary. If you are unsure, ask your florist for their professional advice. Some great options for Mother’s Day flower arrangements include roses, carnations, and lilies. Of course, you will need to check the various prices and find the ones that suit your needs.

Remember to always think of mum when choosing flowers. It’s not all about price after all. This bouquet is supposed to make her smile so make sure that you choose the right types of flowers as well as the right colour or colours. Pink and white are both popular colours but if you want to stray from tradition, you could send mum a beautiful mixed bouquet. Include several bright colours to make her day!

Don’t forget to plan the size of the bouquet. If mum has plenty of space for flowers in her home, then you are not too limited. For mothers who live in smaller homes, you might want to create something a bit smaller. You don’t want the bouquet to take up all of her table space in her living room, for example.

Finally, as with any flower arrangement, you will need to choose focal, mass, and filler flowers as well as foliage. Focal flowers should be added in odd numbers such as three or five. You can add two types of mass flowers and some leaves and fillers in between. For example, you could add lilies as your focal flowers with roses and carnations as your mass flowers. Add baby’s breath and foliage and you’re all set! Flower arranging does not need to be complex. It just needs to be done with love.

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