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Send the right message with Valentine’s Day flowers
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Send the right message with Valentine's Day flowers

Sending Valentine’s Day flowers to your sweetheart is usually quite easy. Well, usually we opt for something like red roses and figure we’re all set. However, when you want to send Valentine’s Day flowers to a man, friend, or somebody else, it’s important to choose the perfect gift.

Instead of flowers

Some men might like a gift that lasts longer than a few weeks. Your online florist will not only have some lovely cut flower arrangements, but they also sell beautiful potted plants. There are various types of potted plants and each one requires a different amount of care. Take a moment to consider how easy a particular plant is to care for and then consider his lifestyle. A busy man migh tnot be able to care for a plant on a daily basis. If this is the case, choose something that will not be too fussy.

Modern men

If you have a modern man in your life, he probably already understands the value of a quality flower arrangement. There are a few points to remember, however, when choosing flowers for him. Firstly, you should avoid pastels. Pastel shades are particularly feminine and men prefer bold colours to represent their masculine strength. Secondly, you might want to keep it as simple as possible rather than opting for a bouquet with too many accessories.

For men with an exotic taste

If he is the kind of man who enjoys the more unusal things in life, why not shop around for a cactus or succulent plant? These plants are perfect for men and they are loved for their unnusual beauty. They are easy to care for and, for the most part, they have a slower growth rate. This means that they will not need to be moved from smaller into larger pots too soon.

For a friend

If one of your friends does not have a Valentine this year, why not treat them to a beautiful bouquet? Yellow roses are the symbol of friendship if you want to make sure that you don’t unintentionally send a romantic message. Mixed bouquets, chocolate bouquets, and similar gifts are all perfect for friends.

For children

Children also enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day but they usually don’t see this occasion as romantic in particular but rather a pure celebration of love. Lilies are a symbol of purity so, if you want to spoil your child for Valentine’s Day, these flowers are ideal. They are also perfect if your child wants to give flowers to a special friend at school.

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