Valentine's Day Flowers
Traditional Valentine’s Day flowers
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Traditional Valentine's Day flowers

Florists experience one of their busiest times of year around Valentine’s Day. This is why so many people place their flower orders in advance – to avoid disappointment and the stress of last minute flower shopping. When you see cupid and red hearts in every direction, you can be sure that it’s time to get your shopping and to do list all in order! Of course, in the midst of all the craziness, it’s also important not to lose sight of what’s most important – romance!

When it comes to traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, fresh flowers are by far the number one choice. Red roses in particular are a hot favourite around the world. They represent a deep and extremely passionate message of love which is why so many people spoil their Valentine with either a single romantic rose or even a huge bunch of them! Remember, the meaning of the bouquet is not only determined by the type and colour of the flowers but also the number of stems! If you are unsure, you can either check online or ask your helpful florist.

In many cases, the number of roses you send represent different kinds of affection. There are, however, certain numbers you may want to avoid. Two flowers can be seen as a message of death in some cultures so it’s usually safer to opt for one or three. Fifteen roses, on the other hand is a symbol of regret. If you are trying to win your Valentine back on this day, you could send a bunch of fifteen red roses. However, if your relationship is doing great, this is one bunch you might want to avoid. Send fewer or more stems instead but make sure that you are competely aware of the message you are about to send!

You will also notice that flower prices tend to rise around Valentine’s Day. Red roses are the perfect example of supply and demand when V-Day rolls around. The more the product is in demand, the higher the price can be. Shoppers tend to pay more for certain items since they feel the need to have that exact item. If you want to hold on to the tradition of sending red roses but you are on a limited budget, you can always send a single, perfect stem. A long-stemmed red rose in a slender vase set on a table with candles is the perfect setting for a romantic dinner! Never underestimate the power of a single rose!

Valentine’s Day is also usually associated with sending anonymous gifts and flowers. So, even if you have been in a relationship for a long time, you might like to spice it up a bit with an anonymous flower delivery and a cryptic note that hints towards the exciting plans you’ve made for later that evening!

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