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Easy floral snowman arrangement
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Floral snowman

For some, Christmas is all about tradition. Not only when it comes to food and seasonal drinks, but also the décor. We tend to focus on things like the Christmas tree, tinsel, garlands, and all those lights but what about getting creative? What about something a bit more interesting like festive themed flower arrangements? These days, we can do and create just about anything with flowers! One great design to consider this year is a festive floral snowman. You can choose between fresh, artificial, or even paper flowers for this design and it will not take too much time or effort to make this gem!

Things you need:

  • 3 balls of floral foam – each a different size just like a real snowman. If you are using artificial flowers, you can use polystyrene balls instead.

  • White flowers of your choice. You can use two types of flowers to ensure perfect texture and complete coverage. You do not want the foam balls to stick out at all.

  • Floral wire

  • One long stick to hold all of the balls in place.

  • A base like a cake stand for display purposes.

  • Accessories like a small carrot, twigs for the arms and buttons for the eyes. You can also add a hat and scarf.


  • The largest ball will be the base and the smallest one will be the head. Start by slicing a sliver off the base of the largest ball. This will allow your snowman to stand without wobbling or falling over.

  • If you are using fresh flowers, you will need to soak the floral foam first. If you are using artificial flowers, you can skip this step.

  • Place the largest ball on the stand and start adding chrysanthemums. Place the white chrysanthemums side by side and work your way from the base around until you almost reach the top. There is no need to cover the whole ball since the middle ball will conceal this area.

  • Insert the long stick in the middle of the largest ball before sliding the medium-sized ball on top.

  • Cover the medium ball with white carnations or similar smaller flowers and make sure that there are no gaps or spaces in between. You want to make sure that you cannot see the foam balls or the point where they meet.

  • Put the smalled ball on top and cover completely with flowers. If the stick is too long, you will need to cut or break it off according to the size of the top ball.

  • Once completely covered with white flowers, you will need to add some accessories. Use the floral wire to hold things like the carrot and eyes (buttons) in place.

  • Add dry twigs for arms and add some kind of hat and scarf if you like. Almost any piece of cloth can be used to make a scarf. You might need to get creative with the hat though. You could make a top hat out of paper or cardboard and slip it on top if you like.

This is an excellent craft to enjoy when the weather is less than perfect. It’s also great to display as part of your Christmas décor and you could even send some of these out as gifts! Fresh flowers will last for a few weeks but if you use artificial flowers, they will last year after year!

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