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When you search the web, you are bound to find dozens of amazing and elaborate wedding proposals recorded for all the world to see. Of course, not everyone has the ability or resources to make some of these kinds of proposals happen. Now, before you let that feeling of disappointment set in, it’s important to remember what your proposal is really about.

You are about to ask your partner to spend the rest of their life with you and share all of your ups and downs. This is an extremely personal and intimate moment which is why so many prefer to bend the knee behind closed doors instead.

The first thing you will need when proposing, apart from the ring, is to consider where and when you plan on popping the question. If you want to do so at home, you will need to make sure that you arrive home before your partner does and make sure that you have enough time to set everything up. If you know that they are into classic romance, then you can make a pathway of petals that lead to your bedroom and make sure that the way is lit with candles too. Scatter the petals on your bed or perhaps use them to spell out the words “Will You Marry Me?”.

Alternatively, if you have a dog that wouldn’t mind lending a helping paw, you could wrap the ring up and attach it to your fluffy friend’s collar before sending them on to meet and greet your partner. Follow slowly behind your pet so that your partner has enough time to say hello and find the ring. By the time you arrive, you will be ready to hear their response.

If you can get a few friends and family members together, you could host a private dinner or work together to lead your partner along, put on a little show and whip out that ring! Of course, no matter which option you choose, it’s always important to make sure that you have a beautiful bouquet of romantic flowers on hand! Make your partner feel special, loved, and surprised – that’s what any wedding proposal is all about and flowers help you do just that!

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