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How to care for Ranunculus flowers
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ranunculus flower care

Ranunculus flowers are becoming increasingly popular among florists and flower enthusiasts. These gorgeous blooms are available in several colours and they have a way of filling any room with superb beauty.

The size of each flower can vary but they are usually at least 2 inches in diameter. Each stem usually carries several buds but only one of these will bloom. These flowers also bend naturally and you don’t normally find any with perfectly straight stem. It’s also important to remember that proper care is important since these flowers are known for being a bit more delicate than most.

If your ranunculus arrive and they look somewhat small or wilted, do not worry. They only need a good soak and some time. As soon as they are properly hydrated, they will perk up and the blooms will open up some more.

When unwrapping a bunch of ranunculus, you should always be careful. The stems are hollow and they can be easy to damage or crush. You may find it even easier to handle them if you hold the bunch upside down rather than upright.

Display these flowers in a tall vase so that their stems are properly supported. Similar to tulips, these flowers can wilt prematurely if they aren’t offered adequate support. Add warm water and flower food to the vase before trimming the stems and arranging them in the vase. Always use a sharp pair of scissors to trim the stems or you crush them. While trimming the stems, you should also remove any leaves so that your flowers can flourish and so that the water does not turn cloudy too quickly.

Make sure that you change the water regularly and, if you notice your flowers start to droop, it could be that they are not getting enough water. In this case, you might need to retrim the stems. You will also need to check the water level on a daily basis to ensure that it does not run dry.

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