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Interesting carnation flower uses

One of the most popular flowers at your local florist are carnations. These flowers are not only hardy but they are also available in various colours and there are even multi-colour varieties. Many florists understand the constant demands for these flowers which is why they are often kept in stock even when they aren’t in season. Pink carnations are popular for Mother’s Day and red ones send a wonderful romantic message.

Apart from their beauty, these flowers can also be used to treat a number of medical concerns. According to research in India during the 1980s, carnations can serve as a form of protection against poisoning. It can also be used to treat muscle spasms, improve heart healh, increase sweat production, and calm the nervous system. While these were preliminary results and further testing is ongoing, it certainly leads many to believe that there’s much more to this flower than its pretty petals.

As far as lotions, soaps, and other body products are concerned, carnations can be added to these products. When used externally, these flowers can help soothe skin irritations and even eczema. In Europe, carnations have been prescribed as part of a treatment plan for coronary disorders and nervous problems.

When the natural essential oil is extracted from carnations, it can be used for its anti-inflammatory properties and to help with other problems like hair loss, excessive gas, and tense or sore muscles. This oil is also often used to reduce wrinkles and soothe a number of skin problems. When using any kind of natural treatment, you can expect great results but you need to be dedicated. In other words, be prepared to apply the oil several times a day and for a few weeks before you notice results. While so-called miracle products offer supposed fast results, these results often mean that you are exposing your body to a number of chemicals and substances that can have harsh side effects over time.

If you suffer from any of the problems mentioned above, talk to your doctor about the possibility of using carnations as a form of treatment. It’s always important to seek medical advice even when using natural methods.

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