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Assemble your own bunch of peonies
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How to make a peony bouquet

Abundant both in size and in beauty, peonies are popular for many occasions. As wedding flowers, we often see them added to table arrangements as well as the bride’s bouquet. These flowers are really easy to work with and, if you want to design and make your own wedding bouquet, this is a great flower to choose! You will need just a few basic supplies that can be found at your local florist and craft shop so you won’t need to hunt for everything you need either.


– Peonies (choose any colour or colours you like)

– Foliage (optional)

– Elastic band

– A sharp pair of scissors

– Fabric decorative ribbon


Choose your peonies based on the colour scheme of your wedding. If you are wearing a white dress, you might not like a plain white bouquet. That said, if you wish to create a strong green base for this bouquet, you could use white peonies and they will still stand out. You can even use more than one colour or different shades of a colour. Think about how lovely dark pink, light pink, and white peonies all look together for example.

  • Trim the stems of your flowers but make sure that they aren’t too short. You want to make sure that the bouquet will be easy to hold. It’s also best to leave the stems a bit long since you can always trim them at the end again if need be.

  • Start with your middle flower and arrange more around it. The middle flower will be just a little bit taller than the others and you will want to make sure that you work your way around and down to create a ball shape. Alternate between colours as you go so that you don’t end up with bunches of a certain colour in any one spot.

  • When you are happy with the size of the bouquet, you can then add some foliage if you like. Different types of foliage suit different types of flowers and, when it comes to peonies, eucalyptus leaves are a top choice. Remember, foliage is optional so if you prefer, you can simply skip this step and move on to the next.

  • Use an elastic band to secure all of the stems together. Make sure that your elastic band is secure and just a few inches from the top of the stems.

  • Now you can trim all of your stems so that they are equal and the correct length.

  • In order to add that special touch and cover up the elastic band, you can add some ribbon. Fabric or silk ribbon is best because paper tends to look cheap and it can get quite ugly when wet. You could simply tie the ribbon around the stems, make a bow, and allow the ends to stream down. Alternatively, you can wrap the stems up with the ribbon and secure the ribbon using pins.

  • Remember to keep your bouquet in water until it is needed and keep away from sources of heat like fireplaces and the sun as well as wind.

This is a quick and easy bouquet that you can do for yourself or a loved one’s wedding. Of course, if you have never arranged flowers before, you might want to test your skills at least once before the big day!

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