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Decorate cocktails and drinks with flowers
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Decorate cocktails with flowers

Summer is the perfect season for spending some extra time outdoors and treating yourself and your guests to colourful cocktails. Of course, a cocktail does not only need to taste good, but it also needs to look good. The décor is almost as important as mixing all the right ingredients in just the right way. The first thing you will need to do is make sure that you have all the basics.This includes all your basic ingredients for cocktails as well as a cocktail shaker, ice crusher, and a variety of cocktail glasses. You will also need to shop around for the right decorative items like those colourful umbrellas, fruit, and flowers.

One of the most important rules to remember is that the garnish you choose needs to suit the colour, style, and theme of the drink. If, for example, you add some lemon or lime to your cocktail, you can garnish with a lemon or lime wheel. Strawberries are also a delicious alternative for many cocktails and the same care is needed when choosing a floral garnish. Just like contrasting colours in a flower arrangement make for an attractive display, so too should you consider your floral garnish. For example, if your cocktail is yellow in colour, then you could garnish with a purple pansy. Nothing too fancy, just wash it, trim it, and float it on the topof the drink! Choose a dark purple flower for the best visual effect.

Lighter coloured cocktails can be brightened up by adding a flower with a more striking appearance. The hibiscus is an excellent example in this case. Again, you simply need to wash, trim, and float the flower on top of the drink. The Wild Hibiscus Flower Sparkler is the perfect example of such a cocktail with Wild Hibiscus syrup and bubbly as two of the main ingredients.

Finally, don’t forget to always use flowers that are safe for consumption. There are a number of flowers that have toxic properties and they should never be used in food or beverages. Ask your florist if you are not sure which ones to choose. Organic flowers are also a good bet since they will not contain any pesticides. Regardless of the source of the flowers, however, you should always wash them thoroughly. If possible, soak your flowers in a tub of water for an hour or two before placing them in a vase. Don’t cut all the stems at once and keep them in water. Only trim one at a time when making each cocktail. This way, your flowers will serve a dual purpose.

If you fancy a particular cocktail recipe that calls for a certain floral infusion, you might be inclined to use that same type of flower as a garnish. This makes the drink more visually appealing and it underlines the theme and flavours of the drink.

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