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Celebrate graduation in style
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Graduation flowers

When the end of the school year approaches, parents start planning all sorts of graduation celebration fun. This is an incredibly proud moment for parents as they see their children all grown up and ready to take on the world.

On the day of graduation, you may want to present your child with a memorable gift. Perhaps a nice watch, expensive pen set, or jewellery to mark this occasion. You might prefer something fun like tickets to a particular event they were hoping to attend a weekend away with some of their friends. No matter the gift you choose, remember that flowers are also an essential part of the celebrations. There is no need to buy a massive bunch of flowers but rather something subtle yet elegant.

Another popular idea is to host a celebration party and invite friends, loved ones, and classmates. Now, you need to be careful when planning this event since you don’t want to plan yours for the same day as somebody else. Plan in advance, send out invitations, and wait for your guests to RSVP. In fact, before you send out your official invitations, you can make phone calls and ask around to make sure that there are no other events already planned.

Once your party date is set, it’s time to choose a colour scheme and décor to go with the food, drinks, and music. No matter the colours you choose, make sure that they are to the guest of honour’s liking. It is their night after all. If they are planning on wearing a particular colour, you should rather avoid using this colour in your décor or they could end up blending in rather than standing out. You can also add a touch of gold to your bouquets if you like.

If you seat your guests at various tables, you should make it clear that the floral centrepieces are theirs to take home. After all, what will you do with all those flowers once the event is done? If you wish to take them home yourself, you will need to arrange transport and you will need to find space in your home for each arrangement. If you are seating more than one family at each table, you can wait until half of your guests depart before handing out the flowers. This way, your event will not lose its decorations too early. Save at least one bunch for yourself of course! You want to make sure that you have one to place in your child’s room for them to enjoy for the next week or so.

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