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3 things to avoid if you want your cut flowers to last
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3 flower care mistakes

Whether you received a charming bunch of flowers from somebody you love or you decided to spoil yourself with a fresh bouquet, the goal is always to help them last as long as possible. The last thing anyone wants is for their flowers to perish sooner than they should. How long your flowers last will depend on their quality, the way they are handled during delivery, and the following three factors.


The number one factor that will cause flowers to perish is bacteria. Unfortunately, there’s no way of stopping bacteria growth completely but you can take several steps to slow this process down. The first thing you need to do is add flower preservative to the water. Not only does this offer a food source for your flowers, but it also maintains the right pH level in the water so that bacteria is slow to grow. You can also trim the stems of your flowers and retrim them as needed. While you’re at it, make sure that you also remove any leaves that will end up inside the vase. You want to keep any plant material in the water to a minimum. This also means that you should not add too much water to your vase. You only need to cover a couple of inches of the stems and monitor your vase daily in case it needs to be topped up. Change the water regularly and check the stems when you do. If you notice bacteria growing on the bottom of the stems, you should trim the stems and then place them in fresh water. Every time you change the water, remember to add more flower preservative.


Since you should keep the water level relatively low in the vase, you will need to check on your vase every day. As soon as you notice the water level getting low, it’s time to top up or even clean the vase and refill. Some flowers absorb more water than others. Hydrangeas and tulips are two examples of thristy stems. No matter they type of flowers you choose, a lack of water will shorten the life of your bouquet.


The third factor that can harm cut flowers is wind. No matter how hardy the flowers are, even a slight breeze can cause the petals to fall. Avoid displaying particularly delicate flowers in drafty areas of the home. These spaces are best decorated with luxurious silk flowers.

So, with these three factors in mind, you will get so much more out of every flower arrangement you receive. Of course, your flowers will perish eventually and you should always remove dying stems as soon as you notice them. This will help prevent the dying flowers from causing the other flowers to perish prematurely.

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