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How to make a flower themed paper lantern
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How to make floral paper lanterns

Paper lanterns are fun for many events and they are a creative way of lighting up tables while enhancing the décor. Instead of buying expensive candle displays, you can make your own paper lanterns in just a few easy steps!

You will need:

  • Piece of colour paper (the thicker variety)
  • A drawing pin
  • Flower design
  • Clear tape


  • Start by selecting a basic flower design and trace it onto a piece of paper. From here, you can decide whether you want to use the plain paper as a guide or if you would rather draw the image directly on the stiff, colour paper. The latter will mean that you will have to use a pencil to draw the outline and then you will need to erase it afterwards. The outline would need to be traced on the front side of the paper and, erasing it can also cause paper to discolour slightly,
  • If you prefer using the original traced image as your guide, you will need to secure the page to your colour page. Use something like blue tack so that it’s easy to remove.
  • Measure the size of the lantern by sizing it up against something like a jar or votive candle holder.
  • Use your drawing pin to prick holes along the lines of your design. Make sure that the holes are not too close together or it could cause a rip in the paper.
  • Once you have wrked your way along all of the lines, remove the upper sheet or erase the pencil lines from your colour paper.
  • Stick the two short ends of your page together using clear tape.
  • Now you can insert a candle in a jar or similar object and place it inside your decorated sleeve. The jar protects the paper lantern from burning but it does not obstruct the light flow which means that you get to enjoy a lovely floral design! If you like, you can even use LED lights inside the lantern. Add a base and a weight to the the interior of your lantern if you are worried about it falling over in windy conditions.

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