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Ordering flowers online – get what you pay for
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Tips for getting the best flowers online

If you have spent even a few minutes online each week, you might have come across at least one story where a consumer ordered a product online (like a dress) and the item they received was nothing like the product image online. Not only is this disappointing but it can be expensive if you have to pay to send the item back. Given the many horror stories out there, it’s no wonder some consumers have become skeptical when it comes to buying flowers online. However, if you follow a few easy guidelines, you too can protect yourself from disappointment.

Firstly, take a moment to search for online florists that offer flower delivery in your area. You will notice that a number of florists will be at the top of the search results which are paid adverts. Take a look at these florists are well as those lower on the list of results. If you find one with reasonable prices and products that look good, you need to look into their reputation.

Online vendors, including florists, will often publish customer reviews on their website. It stands to reason that they will only publish the best reviews so, if you are looking for accurate results, you should look for results on review websites. Remember, no matter what the vendor does, there are bound to be some unhappy customers. Provided the ratio of bad versus good reviews is reasonable, you can be confident that this florist is a safe bet.

Another good tip is to ask friends, family, or even co-workers for their advice. They might know of a particularly great florist or they could help warn you against using a florist that does not live up to expectations.

If you are planning on ordering several arrangements or you want to place a flower order for your wedding, you might want to test at least one or two florists out first. Place an order and wait to see how the flowers are arranged and the quality of the flowers. Take a moment to consider the behaviour of the flower delivery person. If they do not handle the flowers with care, it could be cause for concern. You should also make sure that the florist offers a solid satisfaction guarantee. In other words, they should be able to offer you money back or some form of compensation depending on the problem with the bouquet. If any of the flowers featured in the photo are not available, the florist might replace them with an alternative. The alternative flowers should suit the bouquet and they should be of the same value or more.

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