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Where should you display a bouquet of cut flowers
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Where to display flowers in your home

Whether you order flowers for yourself or you receive a surprise flower delivery, you probably want to display your fresh bouquet in a spot where it will get plenty of attention. Once the flowers arrive, you will need to trim the stems and place them in water. If they are wrapped in decorative paper, you will need to unwrap them as well.

Choosing the perfect spot to show off your flowers might seem easy at first but there are a few factors that need to be considered. If you don’t avoid certain elements, you won’t get quite as much out of the bouquet.

Sunlight is one of the most important things to avoid when positioning your new fresh bouquet. Plants might enjoy some sunlight but cut flowers most certainly do not. The rays of the sun will cause the flowers to wilt and even dry out despite being kept in a vase of fresh water. Instead, look for a nice spot in the shade.

Another good tip to remember is to avoid placing flowers near windows. Even if it’s winter and that particular window does not receive much sun, the cold temperature of the window glass is enough to make flowers feel chilly. The colder temperature or direct contact with the cold glass will have a negative effect on the flowers and foliage.

Wind can also cause damage to your flowers. Even a gentle breeze can encourage flowers to lose their petals. Some flowers are more hardy than others but, still, there is no doubt that a windy environment will not help your flowers last longer.

Any source of heat, air conditioners, or even fans should also be avoided. Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, can cause your flowers to die prematurely. If you do display flowers in the same room as a heater, air conditioner, or anything along these lines, you should make sure that they are a fair distance from one another.

Finally, don’t forget to keep flowers away from pets and young children. It’s not only a matter of vases tipping over. Some flowers are harmful when consumed and, of course, excessive handling will cause them to wilt or even fall apart. Proper handling and display of flowers will ensure that they will stay fresher and more beautiful for that much longer which means greater value for money.

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