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Perfect plants for Mother’s Day
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Perfect plants for Mother's Day

Fresh flowers like roses and carnations are really popular gift for Mother’s Day. Of course, flowers are not your only option. Flowers look lovely for a couple of weeks whereas potted plants are the gift that keeps on giving. Just as you florist stocks a variety of cut flowers, so too do they sell a variety of potted plants.

If you are not sure what kinds of flowers are best suited for Mother’s Day, you’ll be delighted to know that you have many wonderful options. Your choice should be based on mum’s favourites as well as the needs of the plant. For example, if you know that your mother doesn’t have too much time each day to tend to plants, then you should look for something that is particularly low maintenance. On the other hand, if mum already has a collection or plenty of experience tending to house plants, then a beautiful, somewhat more needy plant could be a better fit.

One fantastic option, when shopping for the perfect plant for mum is to choose an orchid. Orchids are the very picture of elegance and class. If the orchid you buy is not already presented in a gorgeous ceramic pot, you should buy one and carefully transplant the orchid before you present it to mum.

Roses are also another classic favourite and miniature varieties are available in several colours. Roses are generally quite easy to care for and they enjoy warmer weather conditions and a fair amount of sunlight.

If neither of these options are to your liking, there are still many wonderful options from which you can choose. If you need a plant that is really easy to care for, then you might prefer the idea of sending a cactus or succulent. While they are mostly green, many cacti and succulent plants also produce flowers. These flowers are modest in size but their bright colours more tha make up for their size. These plants are small enough that they don’t take up too much space and your mother won’t need to worry about watering daily.

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