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Help newly weds extend their honeymoon
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Flowers for newly weds

As a couple, everything from your engagement announcement to your wedding day can feel like a wild blur. Before you know it, you’re walking down the isle and dancing the night away. Once the newly weds depart the reception, they are well on their way to enjoy their romantic escape. Whether just for a weekend, a week, or more, the honeymoon is bound to be unforgettable. Of course, once you return to reality, it can be quite a shock.

It’s not just about returning to your home, but also your daily routine of work, chores, and other responsibilities. Daily cooking and cleaning along with regular laundry and grocery shopping can really ruin the novelty of being a newly wed couple.

If you know a newly married couple, why not help them extend their celebrations by surprising them with a fresh flower delivery? Look around for a stunning, bright bouquet and add a bottle of bubbly to your flower order while you’re at it! Take the time to look for a photograph of yourself with the couple on their wedding day and have it framed.

Make sure that you phone before you pay them a visit. Make sure that they are home and that they are in fact up for receiving visitors. Present them with their gift and make sure that you don’t overstay your welcome. You want to brighten their day and their home but you don’t want to take up too much of their time. Maybe have a toast to the happy couple once again and chat about all the most memorable wedding day moments.

Finally, don’t forget to mind your manners. Just because they have tied the knot does not mean that a baby is automatically on the cards. Some couples prefer to let nature take its course, others want to wait, and some couples don’t particularly have any desire to have children of their own. It can be quite frustrating and even stressful when couples feel like everyone is asking about when they plan on having children. So, in short, make your visit brief but take the time to have a meaningful chat. Choose flowers or even a potted plant that will brighten their home, and add something sentimental to the bouquet for good measure!

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