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Fun facts about Rhododendron flowers
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Fun flower facts about rhododendrons

Rhododendron are native to Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia. There are over 1,000 species of this plant and it enjoys cool climates with well-drained, slightly acidic soil. They are widely cultivated for their beautiful fragrant flowers and ornamental leaves. These leaves are arranged in a spiral shape along the stems.

Some species are evergreen whereas others are deciduous. These flowers are available in several colours including white, pink, purple, red, and orange. The flowers have a funnel, bell, tubular, or trumpet shape. This flower is also the national flower of Nepal where the locals enjoy its sour taste. That said, not all types of Rhododendron are safe to consume. Some varieties can be harmful to humans as well as animals so it’s best to take care.

They are a wonder to behold and they look stunning all on their own or accompanied by other flowers. Many people love to add just a touch of foliage as well as a filler flower like baby’s breath to complete this kind of arrangement. This way, it allows the Rhododendron to really stand out.

Just like any other kind of cut flower, the Rhododendron needs to be properly cared for once it is cut and placed in a vase. Add clean water along with flower food to help keep them fresher for longer. Avoid extreme cold, heat, and wind. Keep your flowers out of the sun or they will wilt and perish sooner than they should.

Due to the potentially toxic nature of the flower, it’s important to avoid displaying in the kitchen or near food. If you are looking for flowers to decorate a buffet table, for example, this is one that’s best to avoid. Display in your living room, den, or even your bathroom, but avoid the kitchen and possibly your bedroom too. The scent can become quite overwhelming which might not be best for those who are sensitive to strong perfumes.

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