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Summer is almost here!!! Yes, that means, if you live in the UK, we have constant wet and windy weather for the next four months before the dreaded chill of winter returns all too quickly. So this year try and add a bit of summer to your home even if the stormy skies above aren’t giving us the hot sun we all desire and crave. You can bring summer indoors to your house, a friend’s house or a family member’s house by buying a gorgeous bouquet from Prestige Flowers.

above: The new Aspen Bouquet

At Prestige Flowers we understand all too well how we all build our hopes up for a brilliant summer. Predictions are made in March saying it will be the hottest summer on record before the expected and depressing wash out occurs. We try and balance out the bad moods we all have by offering some of the most colourful and dazzling bouquets you could imagine. For example our Summer Loving bouquet is such as assortment of colours that it is like having an alluring and hypnotising rainbow in your living room 24/7.

above: The new Beauty Bouquet

If colour really isn’t your thing then please don’t worry, we have a bouquet that suits you requirements. The Solstice bouquet is a pure white bouquet consisting of gentle roses and appealing lilies. You can place the bouquet in the most perfect spot and enjoy the relaxing ambiance which just oozes out of it.

above: The new Donatella Bouquet

So we have covered our hot bright coloured bouquet and our tender and smooth bouquet. But if neither of these takes your fancy then please don’t worry as we have something for everyone. We have a bouquet of flowers which is the best of both worlds. It is our Aspen bouquet and it has the soft, feminine white lilies that you just love and they are expertly entwined with hot pink roses which give you the summer colour we so desperately need.

above: The new Summer Solstice bouquet

So please if this summer does turn out as expected then remember that at Prestige Flowers we have the answers to all your problems.


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