Prestige Flowers TM launches exclusive House Plants

Prestige Flowers have now launched their exclusive range of Prestige Plants. If your recipient is one of those who are never very good with flowers of you want your gift to last longer, then why not choose to send a house plant instead of a bouquet of flowers. The range of plants at Prestige Flowers cater for all occasions, your guaranteed to find something that that your recipient would like. Old or young, everybody loves plants!

Above: Twin Orchids

Included in the plant range are an awesome pot of Azaleas, these really are beautiful and are very easy to look after too. Prestige flowers also have added a very unique Jasmine watering Can. Jasmine is a highly scented vine plant and flowers all year round, this trendy watering can that it comes displayed in makes this a really novel gift.

Above: The Jasmine Watering can

Prestige flowers also added the more classic plants, the plants that they know Britain love. For example, there are now 2 varieties of Roses on offer, the Classic Rose and the Contemporary rose. Both bring an infusion of the old and new, the contemporary brings a modern feel to a British classic rose.

Above: The contemporary rose

Plants are available from standard to large, get your from Prestige Flowers today and receive a free box of chocolates and personal message card!


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