Queen will sail down Thames on Flower covered boat to celebrate the Royal Jubilee

A barge decorated completely seasonal flowers from around the globe will take the Queen down the Thames River to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee.

Floral designer Rachel Thame, lead designer at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, has designed this beautiful boat. The boat will be covered from flowers from the 16 countries that make up the commonwealth. This will be the biggest floral display ever to have sailed down the famous River. It will be a very cultural and British boat with Thistles from Scotland, daffodils from the land of the Welsh and shamrocks from Ireland alongside the beautiful English Roses.

It is said that along the handles of the barge there will be the grand royal colours and on board the vessel there will be flowers from down under, and ferns from NZ alongside the famous maple leaves from Canada. This will truly be a symbolic statement from the queen, unifying all 16 commonwealths on to the one boat.  There will too, off course, be the queens favourite flowers mixed in between this.

This will be a fantastic way to kick start the Royal Celebrations which will undoubtedly be warm welcomed throughout the world.


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