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Scotland’s biggest Flower Show ready for August 2012

Along the beautiful coastlines of western Scotland, the quaint town of Ayr boasts a fantastic flower show set for August this year. Since its first exhibition on 1960, the picturesque setting of South Ayrshire attracts thousands of visitors every  year. Held at the majestic Rozelle estate and Mansions, the Ayr based flower spectacle hosts the biggest collection of flowers in Britain.

Hansom gardens are maintained all year round specifically for this event, inviting families along to take part in various activities. People are invited to bring their cameras for many photo perfect moments.

The people of Ayr really put there all into this show, they seek only perfection for the event. Nearby at the world renowned Burns cottage (the Birth place of the Bard of Scotland, poet Robert Burns) will be a fantastic display of roses.

At the Rozelle there are marquee’s showing some of Britains most stunning flower displays, all made up from the top professionals to the council’s own amateur floral enthusiasts, with many local children getting involved too. This really is a perfect family weekend attraction.

Walking amidst the flower show, you will be overjoyed with the fantastic range of smells from stand to stand, a real treat for the eyes and the nose. There will be many stands from local florists and florists that have travelled especially for the event. Entertainment is also provided throughout the day. Prestige Flowers wishes the Ayr flower show another very successful year.


Dunure South Ayrshire

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